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Mark WahlbergIngrown toenails
are a common foot condition, and they can happen to anyone—even film stars.  Prior to his recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” actor and producer Mark Wahlberg had part of his toenail removed.    The actor stated that he had suffered from an ingrown toenail, “The thing was just growing the wrong way.”  After removing his shoe and sock, Wahlberg showed a curious Ellen his bandaged toe, and explained that a foot specialist had removed the nail.  

Symptoms of an ingrown toenail include pain, redness, and swelling around the nail and the skin that surrounds it.  Sometimes an infection develops, and the area may produce drainage that could include pus and even blood.   If you suspect an infection, or you’re experiencing a lot of pain, you should call your chiropodist right away.  For people with special health concerns, such as diabetes, an appointment should be made at the first sign of any irritation to the foot.

Had Mark Wahlberg addressed his ingrown toenail earlier, he might have been able to treat the issue at home.  A warm foot soak may be enough to soften the skin around the nail, so that you can lift the nail away from the skin.   An antibiotic cream can be applied as well. 

 Prevention is the best way to avoid this common foot condition altogether.  Cutting your nails straight across and wearing shoes with sufficient space for your toes will reduce your risk.

If pain, swelling, and redness persist, visit Chiropodist Brian Cragg for effective treatment of your ingrown toenail.  Possible remedies include:  antibiotics, removal of a small part of the nail that is impacting the skin, or a partial toenail removal.  Although these procedures sound serious, they are performed in the office with a local anesthesia.  There are no incisions or stitches, and the nail will have a normal appearance once the wound has healed. 

At Markham Foot Care Clinic, your feet are the stars.  Chiropodist Brian Cragg understands the importance of good foot health, and looks forward to serving you.  Call our Markham, ON office today to schedule an appointment.  You can reach us at (905) 294-8087, or set an appointment at our website.  

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By Brian Cragg
February 07, 2013
Category: Winter Foot Care

Icy ConditionsThe Canadian Institute for Health Information reported that falling on ice was the most common cause of serious winter-time injuries during a 2010-2011 reporting period.*  Over 7,000 admissions to the hospital were the result.  Age and gender seemed to play a factor in who literally fell victim to icy, wintry conditions.  Fifty percent of the cases reported involved those over age 60, and over half of the injured were women.  Most people understand that falling on the ice can be dangerous, causing foot and ankle injuries.  However, many don’t take proactive steps to keep themselves safe.  

A common sense approach is important when selecting footwear for icy weather.  The most important part of the shoe, in this case, is the sole.  It stands between you and the ice, so look for shoes that have a rubber sole and raised treads.  Avoid shoes that are smooth on the bottom, or those with heels.  If you need dress shoes for work, pack them in a bag, and change into them at the office.  

Other footwear features to consider are:  support, cushion, waterproofing and warmth.  Finding ice appropriate shoes may require a visit to a store that specializes in outdoor wear, but the extra effort is worth your safety!  As with any shoe, fit is important.  If your foot isn’t stable inside the shoe, you won’t be stable on the ice.

Walk this way-- don’t rush; walk slowly.  Also, keep your arms and hands free to help with balance.  Take firm, small steps, and look ahead at your path.  Ankle sprains and fractures as well as other foot injuries can occur due to falling on the ice, so taking precautions is wise.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Markham Foot Care Clinic wishes you a safe, fall-free winter.  If you have any questions about your foot health, please call our office at (905)294-8087, or visit our website to schedule an appointment.  Chiropodist Brian Cragg will address your concerns, and have you on your way to better foot health.

*This number does not include motor vehicle crashes.

photo credit: OliBac via photopin cc