Arthritis – that nagging pain in your foot and ankle joints

Arthritis – that nagging pain in your foot and ankle joints

Living with arthritis? You are not alone!  More than 4.6 million Canadians are affected by arthritis, and it is currently the most common cause of disability in Canada. Your feet are crucial to your mobility, so when arthritis strikes, it’s vital that you are informed about this condition.

Arthritic pain comes in different forms. Common symptoms in your feet and ankles include stiffness, limited motion, recurring pain, redness or heat, and swelling. Most people who suffer from arthritis are afflicted with osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease. This type of arthritis is generally brought on by age and damaged joint tissues being unable to repair themselves. Another form is rheumatoid arthritis. While less common, it is a far more serious form of the disease. More than 50% of cases affect people 40-70 years of age.

Muscle relaxation exercises and reducing stress are excellent ways to manage your pain. Establishing a routine of regular physical activity will help you strengthen your joints, and increase your flexibility and energy.

Those who neglect foot problems early in life are more likely to develop arthritic issues later. If you cause enough damage to your joints and cartilage, it can initiate devastating inflammation in your feet and ankles.

This is why it’s critical to see a foot specialist after any foot or ankle injury. At Markham Foot Care Clinic, we can help in the prevention of arthritic conditions by treating your current injuries. If you are currently suffering from arthritis, Brian Cragg, our chiropodist, can assess your condition and lay out a treatment and management plan for you. Set up an appointment today by calling (905) 294-8087.