Healthy Feet and Hockey in Markham, Ontario

Healthy Feet and Hockey in Markham, Ontario


Healthy Feet and HockeyHockey season is in full swing for the Markham Ontario Hockey League.  According to Podiatry Today, 11% of hockey injuries affect the feet.  As our children hit the ice, it’s important to understand how to protect their feet.  No one wants to be sidelined by a foot injury.

First, examine your child’s feet before the season begins.  Ask if he or she has been experiencing any pain or discomfort.  Any current issues will be worsened by time in skates, so it is best to address concerns prior to the first practice.  

Next, make sure that your child’s skates fit properly.   Toes should have plenty of wiggle-room, and the sides of the feet should not be pressed into the side of the skate.  Remember, such friction can cause blisters, corns, and calluses.  Also, your child’s heel should stay in place.  While it may be tempting to buy a larger size skate for your child, it is unwise.  Proper fit is vital for pain-free feet.

Another consideration is to make sure that your child’s skates are laced properly.  If skates are too loose, they won’t provide the necessary ankle support.  If they are too tight, your child might suffer from “Lace Bite” which can lead to tendonitis.

Finally, listen to your child.  If he or she is complaining that the skates are causing pain, you should check them out.  The solution may be as simple as re-lacing, but foot pain should never be ignored.  If you are unsure if the skates are the culprit, consider visiting a store that specializes in hockey equipment.  

 Do you have concerns about your child’s foot health?  Call Chiropodist Brian Cragg, and get the answers you need for peace of mind.  The friendly staff at Markham Foot Care Clinic is happy to set an appointment.  Call (905) 294-8087, or visit the website.

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