Digital Video Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the study of human locomotion (walking or running) using the human eyes and brain to observe and interpret the way another human walks or runs. Gait analysis can be enhanced by the use of tools that measure or observe various body movements that take place when we walk or run. We use gait analysis to aid in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with painful injuries disorders or dysfunctions that are directly related or caused by the way they walk or run whether it be the average person standing all day at work, someone walking or running for exercise or a high level athlete.

In the average medical office, gait analysis typically consists of observing a patient walk away and towards the practitioner in a hallway. Although this can provide valuable information to the practitioner it is limited in that it provides the patient with no visual feedback relating to the way they walk or run.

At the Markham Foot Care Clinic we have the ability to take clinical gait analysis to the next level of understanding for both the patient and the practitioner by incorporating and utilizing a state of the art  PediGait  Synchronous 4-camera high speed digital gait analysis system as part of our patient biomechanical examination when prescribing custom foot orthotics.

Our PediGait High Speed Gait Analysis System will film and record you walking or running on a treadmill from the front, back and sides all at the same time. The PediGait software will then allow us to play back the video recording and observe your gait from four angles at the same time in digital quality on a large high definition television monitor. These recordings can then be broken into single full screen images that can be slowed down, viewed frame by frame or paused to allow you to see your gait in complete detail from four different angles. It is also useful in providing comparisons between multiple video captures such as walking or running barefoot, with shoes and also with shoes and orthotics.  The video gait analysis will provide you with direct visual feedback and will help you to understand why you have foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip and back pain. 

We can also provide a video file for insurance purposes, for other professional involved in your care, or simply for your self to view on your home computer.

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