Cracking Heels In Winter

Cracking Heels In Winter

Caring for your skin is much more  difficult during the winter months. Our skin dries out so much easier because of the cold and the absence of humidity. Our heels are especially vulnerable to drying and cracking. This can lead to pain while walking, running, and other everyday activities. It doesn't have to be this way, there are things you can do to prevent heel cracking and dryness.

Before doing anything, soak your feet in warm water. If you have a foot soaking salt, soap or baking soda, it's a good idea to add them to the water. Just having something in there like soap will help make your heels softer.

Soak for around 15 minutes. After your soak, use a pumice stone to rub off the dead skin on your heels. Be careful not to use the stone in areas that do not have dry skin, the stone can be rough and cause pain in areas that do not have dry skin. Wash feet to remove any dry skin left over on the feet.

Use Vaseline on cracked parts of the feet before going to bed and put socks on overtop to lock in moisture (and to keep your sheets from being covered in Vaseline).  There are also special lotions designed specifically for feet that have a thicker consistency than regular lotions. These may help cracked heels as well.

If chronic dry/cracked heels persist, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment at the Markham Foot Care Clinic with Brian Cragg.