What Should You Eat After Working Out?

What Should You Eat After Working Out?

Most athletes are aware of the importance of eating before they exercise, but what you eat post-workout can be just as important to your health. Eating before a workout ensures adequate nutrients to sustain energy that will give you optimal performance. Eating after a workout is critical for your body’s recovery and can improve your ability to consistently train.

Brian Cragg recommends following these nutritional priorities to help your body regain nutrients and fluids that were lost post-workout.  They include:

·         Hydration. Replacing the fluids that were lost while you exercised is a number one priority. The best way to determine how much you should drink afterward is to weigh yourself before and after you exercise. For every 1 pound lost, drink 20-24 ounces of water in order to replace the correct amount of fluids in your body.

·         Consume carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates, such as fruit or juice, within 15 minutes after you exercise will help build glycogen storage for continued training since it stimulates insulin production which aids in muscle building.

·         Eat protein. Protein contains needed amino acids that are necessary to rebuild muscle tissue that may have been damaged during intense or prolonged exercise. By eating protein post-workout, you can improve muscle hydration and stimulate your immune system to fight off sickness as well.

·         Combine carbohydrates with protein to double results. By eating carbohydrates and protein together within 30 minutes post-workout, you are doubling insulin response which results in even more glycogen storage. Base your portions on a 4:1 ratio, with four grams of carbohydrate for every one gram of protein. Eating any more protein than one gram can have a negative impact by slowing down rehydration and replenishment.

The best way to recover from an intense workout is to replace lost nutrients in your body by consuming these suggested nutrients.  They will properly refuel your body and maintain energy for your next workout!  If you would like more information, or set-up an appointment, please call Chiropodist, Brian Cragg.

What type of carbohydrates or proteins do you eat after you exercise to help your body recover? Please share by commenting below!