Custom Made Orthotics Can Do Your Feet Wonders!

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Custom Made Orthotics Can Do Your Feet Wonders!

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, gait abnormalities, or arch pain? Don’t endure walking with your foot pain any longer! Our office can provide custom-made orthotics that are specifically designed for your foot shape.  Orthotics can help your hurting feet with extra support and cushioning to the areas you need it most.

What makes orthotic inserts beneficial for your feet? Chiropodist Brian Cragg provides information on the following types of custom-made orthotics that are designed differently depending on the foot condition with which you’ve been diagnosed. They include:

  • Rigid orthotics.These inserts are made from harder material, such as plastic or carbon fiber, and are specifically designed to realign your feet. The orthotic helps control motion of the two joints that are below your ankle to correct excessive rolling inward of the foot.  This rolling inward is also referred to as over-pronation.
  • Soft orthotics. Soft materials are used to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption.  This type of orthotic is used to protect your feet from painful problems such as arthritis, diabetic foot complications, or other deformities. Soft orthotics can improve your balance and remove pressure from sore areas of your feet.
  • Semi-rigid orthotics. A combination of protection and functional control, semi-rigid orthotics, are usually designed for athletes. Made up of both soft and rigid materials, these orthotic inserts can align your feet while providing the support you need for intense action sports that put your feet at risk for injury.

If you think orthotics may be beneficial for your foot pain, contact our office to set up an appointment today! Brian can evaluate and diagnose your foot condition and determine whether custom orthotic inserts are a good fit to help treat your pain. A cast will be taken of your foot to obtain the exact shape of your foot so your orthotics are naturally fit to relieve pain and correct foot alignments or structure.