Clear Up Your Ugly Fungal Toenails with Laser Treatment!

Clear Up Your Ugly Fungal Toenails with Laser Treatment!

Are you tired of covering up your unattractive toenails due to toenail fungus? Summertime is not a good time to be self-conscious of your toenails! With warm weather and summer activities you don’t want to keep your feet wrapped up in shoes and socks. Our Q-Clear toenail laser treatment quickly and effectively cares for your thickened or yellowed toenails!

How do you know if your toenail condition meets the requirement for laser treatment?
Laser treatment can be used on toenails with moderate to severe fungal infection. However, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the harder it will be to remove the fungal infection. Severe conditions require multiple laser treatment procedures stretched out over several different appointments.

Are there any risks involved with laser treatment?
There are no risks involved and laser treatment is completely painless. You can expect a comfortable procedure with no side effects after your appointment. Laser treatment may not be recommended for patients who are pregnant, have skin cancer, peripheral neuropathy, or poor circulation in their feet.

When can results be seen?
You will be able to notice new nail growth within the first two months after laser treatment. Your nail will become clear from the bottom to the top as the infection clears itself out. Although Q-Clear laser treatment is the most effective and efficient form of toenail fungal treatment, it is important to know that it will not prevent any fungal infection from reoccurring in the future.

Don’t cover up your toes any longer this summer season! Contact our office to set up an appointment with Chiropodist Brian Cragg to cure your toenail fungus condition. With our laser treatment procedure, he can help your toenails return to normal health.