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ShoeshoesAre you a walker looking for a great winter alternative?  Is your family looking for an activity that everyone can enjoy?  Snowshoeing may be the answer, and its health benefits are an added bonus!  

Snowshoeing provides a good cardio workout while strengthening the legs and upper body. It burns about 450 calories per hour for someone weighing around 150 lbs who is snowshoeing on flat, packed snow.  Snow conditions and terrain contribute to the intensity of the workout, so powder on hillier trails will burn even more calories.  

As with any winter activity, keep your feet warm and dry to avoid frostbite.  Wearing layers, even on your feet, is important.  Choose synthetic and wool socks instead of cotton.  Also, water-proof shoes will insure comfort on the trails.  Don’t ignore signs of frostbite such as itching, tingling, or numbness, and know what to do if these symptoms occur. Listen to your feet, and contact Brian Cragg to address any concerns.

The Markham Museum hosts Family Snowshoe Days and Snowshoe Fun for Children (registration required.)  These two hour sessions include a review of snowshoeing basics, and an opportunity to play games, and explore the museum grounds.  There are many snowshoeing trails in Ontario, so take advantage of the opportunity to view the beautiful winter scenery, and get a great workout at the same time.

Contact Chiropodist, Brian Cragg to insure that your feet are in top shape for snowshoeing and other winter activities.  Call Markham Foot Care Clinic at (905) 294-8087 to set an appointment today, or visit our website and click on “Appointment Request.”

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By Dr. Brian Cragg
November 23, 2011
Tags: Bruce's Mill   Diabetes   Arthritis   Weight Loss  

When it starts getting closer to Christmas and the weather starts turning chilly, it's pretty easy to forget about the outside world. We put the outdoor furniture in storage, take down the screen door, and buy heat retaining blinds to keep all the warmth in. These are normal things to do, but every once in a while, it's not a bad idea to bundle up and explore the outdoors despite the cold.

Our bodies are made to be active, not closed up in our houses for months at a time. Here's a question: When's the last time you stepped on ground that wasn't man-made? Sometime this week, try taking the dog for a walk outside or taking a hike at Bruce's Mill. Take simple safety precautions like having your phone and dressing warmly, but go out and embrace the outdoors! Stretch your legs out to somewhere that's not the coffee table.

By using and exercising your muscles  regularly, you strengthen the muscles that help support the joints which can help prevent arthritis. By staying active you may also prevent diabetes and many other diseases that can result from lack of exercise.

Making lifestyle choices like walking everyday lead to a healthier and more balanced life. Your body was made for more exciting activities than sitting at your desk.

Markham has lots of recreational activities, sign up for one today: