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With lots of summer plans ahead this season, the last thing you want to be self-conscious of or endure pain from, is your toenails. Unfortunately, the warm weather that summer brings can increase your chances for developing an ingrown toenail due to being exposed to possible difficulties. Participating in summer sports, wearing improperly fitted shoes, and not keeping up with your toenail hygiene are easy things to forget with a busy schedule. But suffering from a painful toenail due to these factors can quickly ruin your summer fun.

Chiropodist Brian Cragg is trained to treat your ingrown toenails with various treatment options available at our office. If you’ve been experiencing pain from a toenail edge cut into your skin, Brian can provide the right treatment so you don’t have to be afraid to show off your toes or suffer from pain any longer.

Treatment for ingrown toenails can include:

  • Oral antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics can be prescribed if an infection, due to an ingrown toenail, is present.
  • In-office minor surgical procedure. A simple procedure can be performed under local anesthetic.  The corner of the affected nail is removed, or in some cases, the entire nail plate.
  • In-office surgical correction. In a case of a chronic ingrown toenail, a procedure under anesthesia is required to permanently remove the part of the affected toenail. The wound requires several weeks of recovery.  After healing, the nail returns to normal with the appearance of being somewhat narrower than before.

To prevent an ingrown toenail from developing and affecting your summer activity, follow these two simple tips:

  • Always wear a proper fitting shoe. Shoes that are too tight can leave your toenails susceptible to pain and deformity. Make sure your shoes correctly fit the shape and size of your feet, and make sure to throw out any pairs that are worn or torn.
  • Trim your toenails regularly. It’s important to make trimming your toenails a regular routine.  Make sure to trim them straight across so they don’t have a chance for curving down into the skin on the side of your toe.

Let us help you ensure your toenails are healthy and ready for your summer plans! Contact our office to set up an appointment with Brian today.

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Protect Your Child's Feet from Ingrown Toenails

By Brian Cragg
February 24, 2012

Fungal toenails are a common foot problem that is just as unpleasant  as it sounds. An infection with toenail fungus usually begins as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your toenail, but as the fungus spreads deeper into the nail, it causes the toenail to become discolored and thickens into a yellowish, crumbled edge. A fungal toenail can turn into a very painful mess. How should you cope with this unsightly problem? Chiropodist, Brian Cragg, has instructions on how to deal with fungal toenails and how to avoid them with prevention tips.

Nail fungus occurs more often in toenails rather than in fingernails, because fungi  thrives in dark, warm and moist environments. Your feet are more prone to fitting this description, whether it be in your shoes or in places like public showers, or swimming pools. It’s important to see Brian Cragg if you develop toenail fungus to ensure proper treatment. Certain medications can be prescribed to fight the infection such as topical creams or pills to take orally. When these treatments aren’t affective, laser toenail therapy may be the answer.

How can you prevent fungal toenails? The key is to protect your toes against environments where the nail is exposed to fungus. Never go barefoot in public places. . Wearing clean socks, alternating between open toed and closed shoes, and keeping your toenails short and clean are all great ways to ensure nail health. Also, consider the nail polish you are using on your toes. Commercial nail polish contains chemical toxins that may help cause fungus form on your toes. Try using Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail polish. This vitamin and protein filled polish substitutes harmful chemicals with nutrients that are beneficial to foot health. Not only does it contain tea tree oil to help prevent fungi from developing, it also helps kill harmful germs and promotes strength and shine to your nails.

Ensure toenail health with these tips, and you won’t be forced to hide your toes because of  embarrassing nail fungus.